What to Look for in Zumba Shoes for Carpet

Everyone who is attending Zumba dance and doing it on carpets would not want to use the common street sneakers. 

This is because this type of workout requires sliding, turning, and pivoting moves. Common sneakers are not the right shoes for such movements. 

We make this review because we want to recommend our readers the best Zumba shoes for carpets. 

We always hear questions about what shoes to wear when doing the Zumba workouts on carpets. Now that more and more shoe shops are selling dance shoes, we want to recommend the most comfortable shoes you can get. 

There are actually a lot of Zumba shoes being marketed worldwide. We considered important factors to make the right pick for the perfect shoes.

Zumba workout and dance fitness is really related to the bright and fun colors of the outfits and accessories. This is also about the fantastic feelings it brings to the millions of Zumba fanatics. But when picking the shoes to wear for Zumba on carpet, colors should not be the focal point of your choice. 

So before you invest on the shoes for your workouts, take a bit of your time to read this and see our recommendations. We are here to help you make your choice and spending really worth it all.

Our Recommended Shoe For Carpet

Remaining a prominent brand when it comes to dance shoes, the Sansha has always managed to manufacture the best shoes for dancing.

What you can notice with this Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker is that it has the features you want in coordination with the Zumba and all the other dancing styles you are in.

The quick drying synthetic upper mesh and suede features, plus a double density EVA X-alp outsole and midsole firmer between pedal and foot part, makes this pair of shoes ideal for any kind of twists and turns in Zumba dancing.

The sole is perfect for any of your Zumba slide and stability.

REMEMBER: This brand comes 1 or 2 sizes smaller than your size.

Sansha actually has the European sizes so make sure you give the correct size order to avoid returns. Most of the women who already got their pair actually ordered 2 sizes bigger than their street wear sizes for extra comfort.

This is very lightweight to use allowing dancers to groove well on carpets. The material is durable as well and can last up to several years of twice a week usage.

Full Review: Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker for Zumba – Review

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Comfortable, durable and supportive, these Zumba dance shoes are one of the most complete options you can find.

Check it on Amazon

Our Top 3 Shoe Gliders

#1 Versatile Shoe Gliders

Dancing on carpets is fun and enjoyable but not with sneakers that get stuck on the carpet floor.

If you are tired of carrying your foot while doing Zumba dances because you are avoiding being stuck on the carpet, then I recommend you put gliders on your shoes. The Carpet Dancers by Slip-on Dancers are the perfect pair of shoe slip-on.

Using these on your shoes will allow you to twist, turn, and glide without hurting your knees, ankle, and feet. You can do better now in your Zumba dances at a dance room and even at your own carpeted space at home.

The accent colors add fun to your dancing shoes and lifts your spirit as well. Made from durable material, you can pamper your feet while dancing with these on. Like what most women do while Zumba dancing, you will now have the freedom to make your moves.

This is a highly recommended Zumba accessory for all women out there who are so in love with the Zumba.

What is recommendable with these Carpet Dancers is that you can do almost every move you need to do in coordination with the Zumba dances and all the other dancing styles you want and yet your feet will never slide away on the carpets.

For your Zumba carpet dancing, we recommend that you give this a try and you will never regret it.

Slip-On Dancers® Carpet Dancers

This one-size-fits-all Carpet Dancers are perfect for any adult size shoes that you love to wear when dancing.

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#2 Comfort Pick

These socks for dance go over sneakers so that you can prevent sticking, pivot freely and avoid damage to your ankles and knees.

They were designed out of the need to securely twirl and twist effectively in shoes as you dance. You will have a more smooth experience wearing these socks over your shoes. Designed to fit over tennis shoes, loafers, or any other closed toe shoe, you can get your groove on no matter where you are.

These socks are unisex, hand wash and air dry.

PS Athletic Shoe Covers for Dancing

Easy fit over your trainers that makes it much easier to pivot, yet they aren’t slippery.

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#3 Best Made in USA

Many Zumba dancers and fitness fanatics do not prefer investing on expensive shoes that is intended for Zumba use only.

By putting on the Dancesocks on any of your sneakers and workout shoes, you can do your moves on any carpets and sticky floors without getting stuck onto it. These socks are designed for all dance sneakers, even for those with smooth sole.

You can turn any of your sneakers and shoes into a perfect pair of dancing shoes by just slipping your shoes onto these socks.

The Dancesocks also come in various colors so you can choose one that will go along well with your style.

NOTE: These socks are one size all.

So if you want to save on shoe purchases but want to keep the Zumba movements for long, these socks are the right slip-on for your shoes.

You should give this a try and see how your Zumba grooving becomes better than ever without hurting your knees.

THE DANCESOCKS – USA Made Over Sneaker Dance Socks

These socks for carpets will allow you to slide, pivot, turn, and twist while dancing.

Check it on Amazon

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