Caring For Your Zumba Shoes: 5 Easy Tips!

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Zumba is such a fun new exercise craze, and one of the most fun parts of starting out is picking up a special pair of shoes!

Since dance halls usually require you to use indoor Zumba shoes only, you’ll likely already have bought a pair just for Zumba.

Whether you splurged on a special Zumba-brand shoe, or decided to start off with a cheaper pair, it’s important to keep your shoes in great condition. Today we’re going to talk about 5 ways to keep your Zumba shoes for longer!

Taking care of your Zumba shoes is important for several reasons:

  • Prolongs the life of your shoes
  • Replacing shoes less often is more cost-effective
  • Prevents potential injuries
  • Keep shoes looking great longer
  • Allows for better dancing, sliding, and spinning

Here are just a few questions I commonly hear when people talk about caring for their Zumba shoes.

5 Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Indoors Zumba Shoes

Since you are only wearing your Zumba shoes indoors, taking care of them will be much easier than caring for your everyday shoes.

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your shoes stay in great shape:

#1 Wash your shoes regularly.

I would recommend throwing them in the washing machine about once a month on cold, and let them air dry. I also recommend removing the laces before you wash them to prevent snagging or pulling.

#2 Soak your shoes in white vinegar before washing.

To prevent odor, soak your shoes in white vinegar before washing – trust me, it works! You can also purchase odor-reducing inserts or powders as well.

#3 Avoid heat!

Don’t leave your shoes sitting in direct sunlight or in front of hot radiators or air vents! Heat will cause your rubber soles to wear down more quickly!

#4 Get rid of scuffs on the sole

If you have white shoes that get a scuff on the sole, use a “magic eraser” sponge to wipe it off – works like a charm!

#5 Consider using insoles

If you have flat feet or high arches, consider using insoles to correct those issues. This will prevent you from wearing down the soles of the shoes too quickly.

Are Zumba shoes good for walking? Can I run in Zumba shoes?

I think Zumba shoes make great walking shoes!

They are supportive, and meant for wearing over long periods of time.

They may wear out faster if you use them for both Zumba and walking, though, so keep that in mind.

Also, if your dance hall doesn’t allow “outside” shoes, you won’t be able to wear your walking shoes in class.

While you could certainly run in Zumba shoes, I don’t recommend it.

They often have sliding pads on the bottoms, which could cause slipping or tripping while running. You would be better off getting a pair of running shoes that are meant for gripping pavement, or trail running shoes that are meant for different terrains.

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Do you wear socks with Zumba shoes?

I would say yes, but it’s entirely up to you.

Wearing socks will help wick away sweat and odors, and keep your shoes fitting better for longer.

Socks also prevent blisters, especially if you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes.

However, it’s really about what you feel comfortable doing!

How often should you replace Zumba shoes?

This is one of the most common questions I hear about Zumba shoes, and it has a complicated answer.

Replacing your shoes regularly is important because it prevents injuries and ensures your shoes are doing their job. The longer you wear shoes, the less supportive they are, and the less shock-absorbing power they have.

Both of those things are important to keep your feet safe and pain-free!

Typically, it’s suggested that you replace athletic shoes after 100-300 miles of running, or about 100 hours of high-impact exercising.

Zumba instructors will probably suggest you replace your shoes every 4-6 months, especially if you’re doing a lot of classes.

While this sounds like a lot, it’s really not if you’re doing Zumba several times each week – and even faster if you wear your Zumba shoes outside of class!

The quality of your shoes matters in this issue, too! If you bought cheaper or lower-quality shoes, you’ll likely have to replace them sooner than the 4-6 month range.

If you buy high-quality shoes, and take good care of them, they could last a bit longer.

Look for any signs of wear and tear on the shoes, especially the soles.

If the soles feel hard, or have wear spots on the bottoms or sides, it’s time to get a new pair.

You may be able to prolong your wear with insoles, but honestly if the soles of the shoes are worn out, insoles won’t help that. Be happy you danced so hard you wore out your shoes, and get a fresh pair!


Caring for your Zumba shoes is vital to keeping your feet healthy and injury-free.

With a few tips and tricks, you can prolong the life of your shoes and go a little easier on your wallet. It’s certainly best to find the highest-quality shoe you can afford, and take good care of them – but that doesn’t always mean buying Zumba-brand shoes if you don’t have the money for it!

Make sure to wash your shoes regularly, keep them away from the elements, and frequently check them for signs of wear and tear.

If you can do that, you’ll know right away when you need to toss them out and get a new pair!

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