Understanding Zumba Shoe Width

Women might think that they know their shoe width, until it comes to choosing a pair of Zumba exercise shoes. 

Unlike many other types of athletic shoes, footwear for aerobic dance exercises are often designed for a woman’s unique foot shape. 

Women’s feet are generally narrower in the heel area, and wider around the toes and front of the foot. 

This can throw your normal shoe size off when it comes to choosing athletic shoes designed specifically for Zumba exercise classes.

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Understanding Zumba Shoe Width

Many manufacturers of athletic dance shoes often have their own chart when it comes to sizing their shoes. 

Some brands are only available in a narrow profile design, while others may run a half a size to small. 

Adding to the confusion is the fact that some manufacturers create their shoes around a woman’s typically narrower midsole and heel. This can also create uncomfortable problems when it comes to trying to find a pair of athletic dance shoes.

To help narrow down the confusion, and help you find the right size the first time you order you new pair of aerobic dance shoes, we’ve included a chart and guide on how to find your perfect shoe size.

Finding Your Shoe Size

While it’s already been established that your foot is shaped differently than men’s, you still need to determine what your shoe size is.

One of the simplest methods is to trace the outline of your feet, both your left and your right foot. Often your feet are actually two different sizes, and you want to ensure that both of them are comfortable during a high impact aerobic dance class.

Once you have outlined your feet, you’ll want to measure the width and the length in inches. 

Afterwards you simply convert the inches into your correct shoe size.

Inches to Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart (U.S. sizes)

U.S. Women’s Shoe Size Inches
5 8 11/16
5.5 8 13/16
6 9
6.5 9 3/16
7 9 5/16
7.5 9 1/2
8 9 11/16
8.5 9 13/16
9 10?
9.5 10 3/16
10 10 5/16
10.5 10 1/2
11 10 11/16
11.5 10 13/16
12 11

Now that you know your shoe size, it is time to figure out the width of your foot. 

This is just as important as knowing the correct length of your shoes when it comes to preventing injuries and for keeping your feet comfortable.

Women’s U.S. Sizes and Widths

With these conversion charts you can now find the perfect fitting pair of Zumba dance shoes.


The hardest part of finding the best pair of Zumba dance shoes is finding the perfect size for your foot. 

Once you know the width and the length of your foot, you will be better equipped to find the right size. 

There will never be a substitute for trying a pair of athletic shoes on in an actual store, but in this age of internet shopping you can now rest assured that your shoes will first the first time that you order them.

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