What to Look for in Modern Dance Shoes

Modern dances involve dancers’ own interpretation of the dance and free style of dancing. 

This style encourages the dancers to create their own steps using their emotions and moods. Since modern dance is a free form of dances, dancers can rely fully on their creativity. 

The routine require modern dance shoes that will allow ease and comfort in movements. 

For dancers who are looking to buy the right pair of shoes, we review the best modern dance shoes to guide you on how to buy and what to look for in shoe you can wear for your dance classes.

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The 2 Best Modern Dance Shoes 

#1 Top Comfort

Although modern dancers traditionally dance on barefoot, there is a wide range of selection of modern dance shoes nowadays. 

The Women’s Neoprene Half Sole is a half sole shoe made from synthetic, neoprene fabric, double stitched suede sole patch, and no uncomfortable straps between toes. 

Half sole shoes like this provide padding for the front part of the foot. 

Wearing this will reduce the stress on the ball while it gives the feet the naked look. 

After taking into account all the options for modern dance shoes, we highly recommend this model to all modern dancers because of its premium comfort. 

This modern dance half sole shoe is great for any dance that involves foot pointing and ball turning.

This dance shoe will allow you to make turns much easier because it fits well with your size and it gives comfort to your feet.

Danshuz Pink Zebra Print Neoprene Half Sole Dance Shoes

These shoes are perfect for any type of dances and training that require bare feet.

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#2 Highly Functional

When choosing what to wear on any of your modern dance activities, it should always be noted that the comfort, style, and form will allow your feet to make all the necessary movements of twists, turns, slides, and points without hurting the sole and the feet. 

Capezio has a wide variety of modern dance shoes to choose from and this Capezio Women’s FootUndeez Shoe is one of them. 

This half sole printed underfoot shoe is made from a four-way stretch fabric, patented ExoAmor duet suede sole patches, and padding that is stitched on the edge and interior to keep the shoe in place under the feet. The fabric pulls rightly fit in through the toes.

If you are a dancer who do a lot of hard core routines which include twisting and turnings, we highly recommend that you get a few pairs of this shoe to protect your sole from burning and bleeding. 

Capezio Women’s H07S Print FootUndeez Lyrical/Modern Shoe

This shoe is very soft yet comfortable, stylish, functional, and you can even use the pads under the feet to make your movements more fantastic.

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