STRONG by Zumba Women’s Fly Fit Athletic Workout Review

Because we want to keep you updated with the latest content, this post was edited to offer you the best alternative to the Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe, which is no longer available.

Zumba is a fun and energetic way to improve cardiovascular health and lose weight.

Zumba combines heart thumping rhythms with aerobic dance moves that will have you swinging your hips and bouncing on your feet. Before you start dancing and exercising your way to a fit and healthy body, you will need the right athletic shoes. 

To stay comfortable and protect your ankles and foot arches you need a pair of athletic dance shoes that can give you the stability and protection to safely dance, slide, and pivot your way to a healthy body.

It also doesn’t hurt if your workout shoes look great, making you feel good and giving the best of yourself on each class. 

We found a fitness sneaker that will not only keep up with you, it will also help you to stand out in a good way.

Keep reading to see how the STRONG by Zumba Women’s Fly Fit performed during an aerobic exercise class.

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Review Of STRONG by Zumba Women’s Fly Fit Athletic Workout

This is another pair of revolutionary dance shoes from the biggest Zumba brand, STRONG by Zumba. 

The company is one of the few dance gear manufacturers who really know what the Zumba dance requires from the shoes. The line of STRONG dance footwear is specifically made to improve your Zumba workout experience.

These sturdy and well made sneakers will work very well for your Zumba classes. They feel supportive and snug throughout your workouts.

One of the things I like the most about these shoes is the great mobility around the ankle, allowing a natural range of motion, which will let you enjoy your Zumba classes to the fullest.

On top of that, I really like the modern design of these shoes.


These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The slip on system is very convenient as it makes it easier to put them in and off before and after your workouts. 

The shoes have a perfectly balanced treading that make them not only good for wooden floors, but also for other type of surfaces. Although providing excellent snug fit, these shoes feel sturdy and supportive.

These shoes are true to size, so you shouldn’t experience any problems to order the right size. 


Because of their shape, these low-cut sneakers don’t provide great ankle support, which can be a problem if you have any foot condition.

Due to the exclusivity of the brand, these shoes manufactured by Zumba run on the high end of the budget.

Again, because of their shape, the sides might be too high as they rub on the bone below the ankle, causing blisters.

TIP: Use over the ankle socks to protect your skin from getting blisters.

Despite the high-side issue, I truly think this shoe is great overall.

STRONG by Zumba Women’s Fly Fit Athletic Workout Sneakers

Lightweight and low-cut shoe with good ankle mobility and natural range of motion.

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Sturdy High sides may cause blisters
Snug fit Weak ankle support

Who Should Wear The Fly Fit Athletic Sneakers?

These fitness sneakers are ideal for any woman who wants great mobility range and comfort.

Comfortable and supportive, they are ideal for Zumba and other aerobic dance classes.

The balanced traction is ideal for different types of surfaces -including studio dance floors-, and the lightweight design won’t affect any old knee injuries.

Whether you are looking for a stylish dance shoe to coordinate with your outfits or comfortable and long lasting athletic footwear, these shoes may be the ones you are looking for.

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