Zumba Fitness Men’s Z Kick II Sneaker Review

Manufactured by the original Zumba fitness brand, the Fitness Men’s Z Kick II Sneaker complements your Zumba experience really well. 

It features a wide rubber sole that offers maximum stability and just the right traction needed for your intense Zumba actions. It helps you glide and stop from one beat to the next without upsetting your balance.

The Zumba Fitness Men’s Z Kick II Sneaker is designed with lightweight synthetic and mesh materials. 

It has a green sole, gray body, and black laces and accents. For $67, you can get the best Zumba shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and stylish.

Zumba Fitness Men’s Z Kick II-M

Lightweight shoe with great shock absorption. Solid Zumba shoes for men.

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Pros: Cons:
Excellent shock absorption properties Since Zumba doesn’t make half sizes for men, it can be hard to find the right fit.
High quality materials, especially the soft insoles and cushioning. Slightly flat shoes -not much arch-
Great flexibility Narrowly built -may be a little tight for people with wide feet.-

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