Find The Top Bloch Shoes For Zumba

One of the leading manufacturers of athletic shoes for Zumba is Bloch. 

Over the last few years that have begun to be known for the high quality athletic dance shoes, that not only look great but can also enhance your performance. 

The line of Bloch fitness dance shoes includes a wide variety of styles and designs, and each shoe is guaranteed to give you a perfect fit.

The styles of dance sneakers and shoes include everything from high tops to low profile and mid top, and all of them have the exceptional traction and stability Bloch fitness dance shoes are known for. 

You can control the amount of gripping traction, and the cushioning and padding will keep your feet comfortable through even the most challenging Zumba workout

Here are our 4 picks for the top Bloch shoes for Zumba:

  1. Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole (Our Pick)
  2. Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole
  3. Bloch Women’s Wave Dance Sneaker Shoe
  4. Bloch Dance Women’s Amalgam Canvas and Mesh Split Sole Jazz Sneaker

The 4 Best Bloch Shoes for Zumba

#1 Our Favorite Zumba Shoe

The midsole cushioning and flexible outer sole make it possible for your too easily bend and flex your foot, and also have protection from impact shock.

The raised heel is elevated 1 ¼” for comfort and built in arch support, along with the supportive front lacing system.

The shoes are constructed from a suede and mesh fabric which is breathable and durable, along with great looking.

The split rubber sole makes it easy to stop any forward slide, while also letting spin and turn when the exercise calls for it.

 Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole 

This dance sneaker may look heavy and awkward, but it is surprisingly lightweight and flexible.

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#2 Great Durability 

The rubber sole gives you balance and traction along with a spin spot for 360 degree pivots and turns. The mid sole is air cushioned for comfort, and can absorb impact shocks up to 4PSI.

The heel is elevated 1 ¼” for an additional boost when jumping, and a inner lining helps to prevent embarrassing foot odors and keep your feet comfortably dry.

Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole

Constructed from a durable canvas, this fitness shoe will always give you a comfortable fit.

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#3 Excellent Ventilation

Elegant and classic with a leather and mesh construction that is both durable and lightweight.

There is very little break in time required, and the mesh covering helps to keep your feet dry and odor free. The lining also includes wicking abilities which will keep sweat and moisture away from your feet. The split sole not only gives you arch support, but also the traction you need for slippery dance floors.

To help keep you gracefully turning and pivoting with the dance rhythms, the shoes also include a front turning design.

Bloch Women’s Wave Dance Sneaker Shoe

This shoe is built so the mesh covering will let your feet breathe, keeping them dry and odor free.

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#4 Lightest Zumba Shoe

These canvas dance sneakers will remind you of a graceful ballet shoe.

Allowing your feet plenty of support and flexibility, while also keeping them cool and dry. The heel is a slight ¼” higher to give you much needed arch support, and the non marking spilt sole is ideal for any studio dance floor.

You will have the stability and support that you need during a Zumba fitness class, along with the ability to easily pivot and turn without worrying about sliding.

A front lacing closure helps to ensure a secure fit, and the fitness shoes are also odor resistant.

Full Review: Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker

Great workout shoes for Zumba or any other form of dancing.

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