Review of RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe

Zumba fitness classes are fun way to burn calories and learn some new dance moves. It is consider an aerobic activity, and combines the fast and slow beats of Latin mixed with other international music. Zumba is also becoming one of the most popular ways to exercise.

This international exercise craze will not only teach you different dance styles, but can give you all of the benefits of aerobic exercise. It can decrease your risk of developing heart disease, improve your general mood, and help you to keep off those stubborn excess pounds. Zumba requires you to dance, step, circle, and pivot quickly and easily, and to do this you need the right pair of shoes.

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You need shoes that are study and comfortable, and easy to turn in. It would also help if the shoes were lightweight and stylish. While finding all of this in an aerobic shoe may seem difficult, we found a shoe that can stand up to the toughest Zumba routine and still look good.

RYKA Women’s Exertion work out shoe is not only available in colors to match almost any exercise outfit, they are also designed to fit a woman’s unique foot. The forefront of the shoes is slightly larger to accommodate the wider toe area, and the padded bed of the shoe gives you the comfort you need for dancing on hard floors. The rubber outer sole gives your feet support and traction, while still making it easy to pivot through the entire dance moves. The mesh liner not only keeps your feet cool and dry, but also prevents embarrassing foot odor from forming. For additional comfort and stability, the shoes also feature a padded tongue and ankle collar.

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Key Features of RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe

These lightweight RYKA exercise shoes are ideal for any Zumba class, and they also look great. Some of the key features of the athletic shoes include;

  • Mesh liner for breathability
  • Synthetic and mesh construction
  • Front lacing closure
  • Low profile design that is also lightweight
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Easy pivoting
  • Stability
  • Classified as a studio fitness shoe

Pros and Cons

These lightweight athletic dance shoes give you the advantage of stability and comfort. With an ortholite padding inside and an EVA sole outside, you can dance, turn, jump and slide without worrying about injury. The shoes are available in several different colors, so you can match any of your workout clothes and they are also designed to fit a woman’s unique foot shape.

One of the most common complaints about these shoes is that they can occasionally seem to run a shoe size smaller, and they do not have a lot of arch support. If you have flat feet or a low arch, you may want to consider using a shoe insert.

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Final Opinion

These aerobic dance shoes are great for Zumba classes with their ability to easily let you pivot while still giving you the stability that they need. The shoes are durable and comfortable, and also breathable. The front lacing closure, along with the padded tongue, not only gives you a secure fit but also additional comfort. Dance and work up a sweat in these shoes at your next Zumba class, and see how great your feet can feel at the end.


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