Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer Review

Because we want to keep you updated with the latest content, this post was edited to offer you the best alternative to the Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Sneaker, which is no longer available.

Zumba is a fun and energetic way to improve cardiovascular health and lose weight. 

With the growing popularity of dance exercise classes, you need a pair of athletic shoes that can move with your body, while still giving you the support and flexibility that you need.

It also doesn’t hurt if your workout shoes look great, since chances are you will be exercising in a crowded class environment. 

We found a fitness sneaker that will not only keep up with you, it will also help you to stand out in a good way.

Keep reading to see what we found out about the Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer Sneaker.

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Review of Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer

This cross trainer sneaker gives you both comfort and exceptional fit. 

The front lacing closure and adjustable Velcro strap lets you find the perfect fit for your feet. It also helps to give you the support you need during your high intensity aerobic dance workout.

A foam upper and ortholite foot bed ensures additional comfort, and can also give you the support your low arches need. A breathable mesh liner not only prevents embarrassing foot odor, but also keeps your feet dry and comfortable no matter how strenuous the exercise class may be. 

The diamond tread on the sole gives you minimal traction, while still giving the stability you will need on the pivot and turns that Zumba requires.


One of the main advantages of these fitness shoes is their ability to provide ankle support, while still being flexible and lightweight. 

On top of that, the shoes have a stylish design and fashionable color combinations, which always look great while still being a high performing fitness shoe.

Unlike other lightweight dance shoes, you can also add an arch insert for additional support.

Lastly, the distinctive tread pattern will keep you from slipping, while still letting you easily pivot and turn whenever you need too.


The major complaint many women have with the dance shoes is that they can take awhile to break in. Whether this is due to the synthetic construction or other factors, it is recommended that you gradually build up to wearing them for an entire Zumba exercise class.

They do include some arch support, but an insert might also need to be added.

Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer

Made with synthetic in the upper part, plus a long and comfortable tongue and excellent ankle support, this shoe also has a velcro strap that provides custom shoe fit and holds laces in place.

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Great ankle support Hard to break in
Lightweight & comfort Insert to improve arch support might be needed
Optimal traction
Stylish design

Who Should Wear Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Shoes

These fitness shoes are ideal for any woman who wants to look good while exercising.

If you suffer from knee or achilles tendon injuries, these fitness shoes can give you the support and stability you need to safely participate in any dance exercise class.

Since these athletic shoes were designed with a woman’s foot in mind, they are ideal for women who want a sneaker that not only looks great but also fits their unique foot.


These fitness sneakers were designed for a woman’s unique foot shape

Comfortable and supportive, they are ideal for Zumba and other aerobic dance classes. 

With a foam cushioned upper and velcro closure, you will be able to safely dance your way to your fitness goals in these beautiful sneakers.

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