Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe Review

Because we want to keep you updated with the latest content, this post was edited to offer you the best alternative to the Ryka Women’s Synergy, which is no longer available.

RYKA is a name that is synonymous with women’s athletic shoes.

Designed for the unique shape of a woman’s foot with a wider front and narrower heel, their line of women’s footwear offers an amazingly comfortable fit. All of this is important in a Zumba exercise class. 

You need a pair of athletic shoes that can protect and support your ankles and feet from any injuries that can occur during a high impact aerobic dance class. 

Since this is a dance class, you will also need shoes that can pivot and turn with your body to help protect you from painful knee and hip injuries.

While there are plenty of cross training and athletic shoes that are designed for Zumba, we wanted to review one of our favorite pairs. 

Whether you are an aerobic dance teacher or just starting out in your first Zumba class, we think the RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe will be perfect for you.

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Review of Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

Categorized as a studio fitness shoe, they were designed to perform during high impact aerobic workouts. They will give you the gripping tread you need for smooth wood dance floors.

The Zumba dance shoes feature fabric construction that helps to keep your feet dry and seat free while also being extremely durable.

The dual density foam midsole helps to protect your arches against impact shock, while the rubber outer sole is flexible and provides gripping traction. 

Bend and pivot easily with these shoes, while also being able to stop all of your glides. There is also spring-like cushioning included in the heel of the shoes.

For a secure fit every time, the front lacing closure helps to keep these shoes firmly on your feet, and prevent your feet from sliding around inside of the shoes. 

Also, the shoes are available in several stylish colors, and their cute design is both supportive and fashionable. 

Designed to help with proper foot placement, these shoes are ideal for anyone who loves Zumba classes.


Because they were designed for studio fitness classes, they will give you the gripping tread you need for smooth wood dance floors. Also, these shoes are available in several stylish colors, and their cute design is both supportive and fashionable.

These cross-training shoes are lightweight and flexible, which helps to prevent leg fatigue and certain foot injuries.

With a stable rubber outer sole and heel cushioning, they can help you keep up with the faster dance rhythms.


One of the major cons to these stylish fitness shoes is that they do not provide a lot of support for women that are suffering from weak knees or a prior knee injury. While the heel cushioning does protect against some impact shock, it is not enough for some women.

Another disadvantage is the shoe’s design. Not all women have narrower heels than men, and if you have a wider, flat foot these shoes may not be a comfortable fit.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

If you want a good dance shoe for Zumba to do all your dance routines with less injuries, this model is perfectly good for your feet. A classic.

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Pros Cons
Designed for studio fitness classes Might not be supportive enough for women with knee injuries.
Available in several stylish colors. Narrow fit.
Lightweight and flexible.
Stable rubber outer sole and heel cushioning.

Who Should Wear These Shoes?

RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoes are ideal for women with medium arches that love high impact aerobic dance classes. 

Their fun and stylish design looks great with any exercise outfit, and they are made to perform in a studio fitness setting.

The shoes can help to support and protect ankles, and help keep painful shin splints from developing. 

If you need a lightweight and supportive exercise shoe, then these might be the pair that you are looking for.


Their durable design will last through hundreds of Zumba workout classes, and the side to side foot support can help to prevent injuries. 

Midsole cushioning and additional padding in the heel help to absorb any impact shock.

Fun, stylish, and comfortable, these Zumba exercise shoes are quickly becoming a favorite at the gym.

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