Let’s Talk About The Best Athletic Shoes For Zumba

If you already suffer from knee pain or have flat feet, you might want to consider wearing a pair of athletic shoes to your Zumba classes. 

Before you automatically start worrying about whether they will be too heavy or clunky, we have found 4 of the best athletic shoes for Zumba that won’t weight you down:

  1. Ryka Women’s Studio D Training Shoe. (My Favorite)
  2. PUMA Women’s Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker.
  3. Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe.
  4. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe.

All of these shoes can give you the support and stability you need, while also providing plenty of cushioning for your heel and mid foot. 

Most importantly, these shoes are all lightweight and extremely flexible making them perfect for all types of high impact aerobic dance classes.

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Best Athletic Shoes For Zumba: Top 4 Compared

#1 My Favorite Pick

Everyone who does Zumba dance would want the best shoes to make each movements perfect without hurting the knees.

The RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe is one great shoe for Zumba. It has all the features designed to fit the woman’s foot.

The upper synthetic material is very lightweight and it allows the foot to breathe through during dance routines. The design of the pivot points provides the foot the ability to make twists and turns without causing pain to the knees and ankle. The rotational grip is designed to allow the foot to slide and glide and stop when needed.

The shoe has a wide toe area, side support for lateral movements and arch support, comfortable and soft inner part, and a great overall color coordination in shoe laces, heels, and sole.

TIP: The size runs half size small so we advise you to get your pair at half size or one size bigger than your sneaker size if you are using socks.

The size, the weight, and the style will allow your feet to do the footwork required in Zumba dances.

Ryka Women’s Studio D Training Shoe

Check it on Amazon

Breathable Small fitting

#2 Lightweight Pick

A rubber sole gives you the stability and minimal traction that you need, while the synthetic construction is durable and flexible. 

The mesh lining helps to keep your feet dry and odor free, and the padded foot bed provides cushioning from impact shock. 

Available in different colors to match all of your workout clothes, they also feature front lacing and a padded tongue for optimal fit.

PUMA Women’s Soleil Leather Fashion Sneaker

This model has classic styling and a low profile silhouette to look great, while the padded insole and grippy rubber outsole will treat your foot like a hardcore sneaker.

Check it on Amazon

Flexibility Availability
Stylish Low cut on the backside

#3 Great Ankle Support

The taller design of this athletic shoe might make it look heavy and cumbersome, but it is surprisingly lightweight, flexible, and supportive. 

The higher design and padded ankle collar can give you support, along with the lace up front closure. Mesh lining and cushioned mid sole keep your feet comfortable and dry through the long workouts. 

The rubber outer sole was designed to help you easily pivot and turn, while also giving you the traction you need to prevent dangerous over slides.

Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe

Surprisingly lightweight Zumba shoes that offer great ankle support.

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Bright, bold colors, that perfectly match Zumba’s fashion statement. Some customers say that these shoes have no arch support and that the
Feet support preventing them from being stressed and hurt in the dance routines. Interior construction doesn’t fit to everybody.
Work on various surfaces: whether the dance floor is wooden or carpeted.

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#4 Style Choice

If you have problems with flat feet, then these Zumba athletic shoes might be what you are looking for. 

The padding in the foot bed can help to cushion feet from impact shock. The breathable sock liner and front lacing closure give you a secure and comfortable fit, and the rubber outer sole provides the support for pivots and turns. 

Constructed from durable leather, these Zumba athletic shoes are durable and provide long lasting comfort and support.

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Comfortable and stylish zumba shoes.

Check it on Amazon

Flexible Stiffness
Durable Small fitting
Modern design

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