How to Choose Contemporary Dance Shoes

Contemporary dance is a form of dance that comprises different musical expressions as incorporated with modern and post-modern dance styles

It involves a range of dance styles and techniques. If you want to become a professional contemporary dancer, you should wear the right pair of shoes that will allow you to do all the foot movements involved in such dance styles.

There is a wide range of selection of contemporary shoes from which you can choose several pairs for your dance routines. 

We reviewed the best contemporary dance shoes available in the market today to give you the details you might need as you choose one for yourself. Most of these shoes are great for giving grip and support to the foot.

The 2 Best Contemporary Dance Shoes

#1 One of The Best Sellers From Capezio

Capezio is one of the popular manufacturers of dance shoes and this Capezio Women’s H07S Print FootUndeez Lyrical/Modern Shoe is one of their best contemporary dance shoes.

Designed to be “barely-there”, the upper part of the FootUndeez is made with a four-way stretch and breathable Nylon Lycra Spandex.

The sole is made of ExoArmor Duet suede sole patches with pads stitched on the edge and interior for superior protection.

You can see the Capezio logo at the one-sided elastic plush on the upper part of the shoe.

If you are doing a lot of hard core contemporary dance routines where you use your feet to perform, we highly recommend this pair of Capezio H07S FootUndeez to you because of its superb protection and its unique form that moves with the foot in every dance routine.

For any of your modern and contemporary dance classes and performances, this pair is worth the try.

Capezio Women’s H07S Print FootUndeez Lyrical/Modern Shoe

This modern shoe provides protection and security to spots where they are needed.

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#2 Neoprene Pick

We all know that Neoprene is a synthetic rubber fiber that can be used in different ways.

Since this is a fabric that has nylon and spandex backing on both sides, it needs the special sewing and seam-sealing techniques in the manufacturing process.

This makes the Footnote Neoprene Modern/Lyrical Shoe, T8940 a unique dance shoe.

The design is carefully created to give the foot the perfect support it needs when dancing and doing all the lateral movements in any contemporary dances.

For the perfect foot movements you need to do, we highly recommend this type of shoe.

Made from neoprene, leather upper, and suede sole, you will enjoy dancing with this on. If you need a pair, you better give this a try. It is indeed a great value for one durable shoe.

Footnote Neoprene Modern/Lyrical Shoe

This shoe allows you to have the freedom and protection of dancing on barefoot.

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