Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker Review

Zumba and other aerobic dance classes can help you shed pounds and tone your muscles. The classes are fun, fast paced, and can take a toll on your knees and hips. Zumba’s unique mix of Latin and other dance rhythms require a lot of swivel movement in your hip joints and in your knees.

Since the purpose of joining one of these exercise classes is to improve your health, the last thing you want to do is wind up with a sports related injury. 

All of the turns, pivots, bends and jumps can also be hard on your feet and ankles. 

This is why you need a pair of dance sneakers that can give you the support and flexibility your feet need to prevent injury.

Some women prefer the heavier leather aerobic exercise shoes, and many of them work great for Zumba dance classes. If you are looking for a lightweight sneaker that can also give you the support and stability you need, we have a canvas dance shoe that might meet all of your requirements. 

Keep reading to find out why we like Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneakers.

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Full Review Of Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneakers

The rubber sole is perfect for sliding on wooden dance floors, and can help your body easily turn with all of the exercise moves. To help support your arches during the jumping and lunging, the heel is slightly raised a quarter of an inch.

The outer sole is spilt to avoid scuffing the floor, while also giving you that little bit of traction to safely stop any slides. An odor resistant lining helps to prevent embarrassing foot odor and keep your feet dry, along with breathable mesh panels on the sides of the sneakers. The canvas construction is not only durable, but is also flexible. The lace up closure also helps to ensure you get a perfect fit every time you put the dance sneakers on.

Bloch Women’s Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneakers

These studio dance sneakers can easily go from your exercise class straight to the street with their sleek and stylish low profile design.

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Lightweight (less fatigue during your workouts) Run a half size too small
Durable Lack of stability compared to other aerobic footwear
Raised heel increases support on knees and arches, preventing painful shin splits.
Split sole gives you perfect traction/sliding rate.
They can be used in concrete or wood surfaces.

Who Should Wear These Athletic Dance Sneakers

Any woman who loves her Zumba exercise class but is suffering from knee or hip pain can benefit from these lightweight and comfortable dance shoes. 

The raised heel and split sole design is ideal for pivots and turns, and can help to take some of the strain off or your knees and hips.

They are durable and stylish, and look great even when you are wearing them outside of the gym. You can even switch out the laces to match any of your exercise clothes

The dance sneakers can even accommodate most orthotic inserts.


If you love your Zumba fitness classes and suffer from old knee or hip injuries, these dance sneakers might be what you are looking for.

The stylish and comfortable design looks and feels great, while also giving you the support that your body needs. Lightweight, flexible, and ideal for women with higher arches, these canvas dance sneakers can fit into any aerobic exercise class.

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