Best Shoes For Boot Camp

If you thought regular Zumba classes were strenuous and exhausting, then try enrolling in one of the many nationwide boot camps. 

These intensive Zumba workouts feature all of the exercises and more that are normally in your regular class, only more fast paced. The boot camps can simply be help in the early morning and incorporate healthy meals plans and daily living tips along with the workouts, or a weekend retreat to focus on burning calories and toning muscles at a more intensive pace.

Whether you go on a weekend Zumba retreat or choose an invigorating early morning workout, you will need a durable, supportive, and comfortable pair of athletic dance shoes. 

To help you in your search for the best Zumba shoes for boot camp, we have included a review of some of our favorites.

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Best Shoes for Boot Camp Reviews

#1 Lightweight Zumba Shoes

Constructed from a synthetic material these shoes are durable and can last through hundreds of hours of intensive Zumba workouts. 

The lightweight design is perfect for the longer classes and helps to prevent leg fatigue from slowing you down. The rubber outer sole gives you minimal traction, and features two pivot points to help prevent injury to your knees and hip joints. 

Add in mid sole impact cushioning, and you will be ready to rock any high intensity Zumba boot camp.

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Zumba Fitness Women’s Z-Kickz II-W

Lightweight shoes with plenty of support that will give you a great experience through your Zumba workouts.

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#2 Top Comfort

The rubber sole of these shoes makes it easy to keep your balance while you are turning and twisting, while the flexible layers let the shoes move with your foot’s natural placement. 

The padded tongue and collar gives your feet and ankles additional support, and also helps to ensure a perfect fit. 

Midsole cushioning and a bouncy insole help to prevent sore achy feet that can be caused from impact shock.

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RYKA Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

No matter how long or how many jumps and leaps you have to do during your Zumba boot camp, these athletic dance shoes will keep your feet comfortable for hours.

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#3 Vibrant Design Zumba Shoes

If you are looking for a bold colored dance sneaker, then these might be the shoes you have been looking for. 

 The toe is enhanced for balance and comfort, especially during spins and pivots. The shoes also feature an arch support and a heel that is raised one inch higher. 

The rubber outer sole provides minimal traction, and also won’t mark or mar the studio dance floor.

Zumba Women’s Flex Edge Sneaker

Along with their vibrant design, these dance sneakers are also flexible and comfortable.

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#4 High Heel Pick

The mesh and suede construction is breathable, durable, and comfortable, while the midsole cushioning and included arch support helps to protect and keep your feet comfortable through any intensive Zumba boot camp.

What really sets these aerobic dance sneakers apart is the platform rubber sole and raised heel. While they might look heavy and cumbersome, they are actually amazingly lightweight and comfortable.

Providing a stable base from which to start any of your leaps, lunges, and jumps, the added cushioning can also help you to go higher and farther.

Bloch Women’s Boost Mesh Sneaker Dance Sneaker

The design of these lightweight Zumba dance sneakers may not be for everyone, but there is no denying that they aren’t ideal for any aerobic boot camp.

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