The Best RYKA Zumba Shoes for Women

Over the years, RYKA specializes in manufacturing the best fitness designed only for women.

It has developed a reputation of making high quality women’s footwear. A woman’s foot is exactly different from that of a man in size, width, and length, which is why RYKA took the initiative to create shoes just right for women. 

And when it comes to Zumba shoes for women, only RYKA may produce the best ones. 

We reviewed all the best Zumba shoes for women and here is our recommendation for the 5 best RYKA Zumba shoes for women:

  1. RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe (My Pick)
  2. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Cross Trainer
  3. Ryka Women’s Vivid RZX Cross Trainer
  4. Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer
  5. Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

Each one is designed not only for a woman’s foot, but that which includes the right features in making Zumba dances and movements perfect and less of an injury to the foot.

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Best RYKA Zumba Shoes For Women: Top 5 Compared

#1 My Favorite

Everyone who does Zumba dance would want the best shoes to make each movements perfect without hurting the knees. 

The RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe is one great shoe for Zumba. It has all the features designed to fit the woman’s foot. 

The upper synthetic material is very lightweight and it allows the foot to breathe through during dance routines. The design of the pivot points provides the foot the ability to make twists and turns without causing pain to the knees and ankle. The rotational grip is designed to allow the foot to slide and glide and stop when needed. 

The shoe has a wide toe area, side support for lateral movements and arch support, comfortable and soft inner part, and a great overall color coordination in shoe laces, heels, and sole. 

TIP: The size runs half size small so we advise you to get your pair at half size or one size bigger than your sneaker size if you are using socks.

The size, the weight, and the style will allow your feet to do the footwork required in Zumba dances.

RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe

If you want a good dance shoe for Zumba to do all your dance routines with less injuries, this model is perfectly good for your feet. A classic.

Check it on Amazon

Breathable Fit small

#2 Top Versatility

Another great and popular shoe from Ryka is the Women’s Devotion XT Cross Trainer

This shoe is made from lightweight and breathable synthetic upper mesh, with soft sock inner liner for comfort, with padded collar and tongue. 

The pivot points of the sole are great for any kinds of Zumba twists and turns and the rubber sole has mild flexibility and cushioning. These features of the RYKA shoes make each glide and slide perfect yet, you can be sure that you will not slip when you lunge.

We recommend this shoe not just because it is popular and very well sought after among Zumba fanatics, but also because this shoe is great for all your Zumba dances and for all your aerobic classes. 

If you are looking after a shoe that can be used for many purposes, this might be the best option on the list.

Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Cross Trainer

Versatile lightweight cross-trainer model from Ryka. Perfect if you need a one-for-all pair of shoes.

Check it on Amazon

Multipurpose Tight fit
Great sliding/grip ratio Availability

#3 Flexible, Yet Sturdy

In Zumba, you are going to be dancing on the floor or carpet for about an hour. While doing all the twists and turns, slides and glides, and different Zumba lateral movements, your shoes should be the ones with quality designs and features right for such kind of footwork. 

The Ryka Women’s Vivid RZX Cross Trainer has all the features you are looking for in a dance shoe.

It is made from upper synthetic and mesh that makes the shoe lightweight, breathable, flexible, and sturdy. The pivot point on rubber sole makes twisting and turning so much easy yet is great for gripping. 

The toe box is wide enough to fit the women’s feet, especially with its inner padding that makes the feet very comfortable inside.

 If you want a Zumba shoe that can manage all your tough footworks, this one is excellently designed to fit your feet.

Ryka Women’s Vivid RZX Cross Trainer

This model is highly recommended because it is great for any of your movements.

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Breathable Weak ankle support

#4 Best Ankle Support

The Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer for Zumba is the perfect shoe if you are after ankle support. 

The rubber has the pivot point for easy twists and turns and glide zone for smooth glide. It also features the diamond grip for stability. 

The toe box is wide, the inner padding is thick enough for comfort, and the cushioning is at a minimal amount.

This high-top sneaker is creatively designed for any dance aerobics classes including Zumba dances. 

If you are on the search for a pair of Zumba shoes that has all the features your feet needs, this model is your best option because it has all the support and comfortable inner padding yet it is very lightweight and stylish. 

We highly recommend that you give this a worthwhile try.

Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer

Made with synthetic in the upper part, plus a long and comfortable tongue and excellent ankle support, this shoe also has a Velcro strap that provides custom shoe fit and holds laces in place.

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Great ankle support Hard to break in
Nice design Narrow fit

#5 People’s Choice

This shoe is very lightweight, with the leather, mesh, and synthetic upper that allows your feet to breathe through during dances. 

It has great arch support with minimal cushioning but the inner mesh lining adds ventilation to the feet. The rubber sole in full length with tread that allows your feet to make perfect twists and turns in every Zumba routine. The shoe comes in slick look and there are different funky colors to match your favorite Zumba costumes.

This Vida RZX is a perfect choice for your Zumba dance shoes. You will find it as the best companion in all of your Zumba work out. 

If you haven’t got one that provides great support, we recommend that you give this a try. 

Nothing really comes close to the greatness of RYKA when it comes to designs and features for Zumba dance shoes for women.

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Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

This model is designed to handle all the up tempo and all the fast paced movements of any Zumba dance classes.

Check it on Amazon

Lightweight Small fitting
Great ventilation Weak ankle support

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