The 5 Best High Top Zumba Shoes to Get Your Groove On!

Finding the right Zumba shoe can be overwhelming, but we’ve done our homework to find you the best shoes for your dancing needs.

High top dancing sneakers and cross-trainers are one option when you are looking for Zumba shoes. Since they go up the ankle, they provide more support than a regular dancing or running shoe would. 

If you have weaker ankles and feet, these are a great way to keep dancing without worrying about turning/rolling your ankle!

You also don’t have to go with the Zumba-brand shoes to find a great dance sneaker. There are great high top dancing shoes from companies like Adidas, New Balance, and more.

You should be able to find a shoe that fits well, and fits into your budget as well.

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 different high top Zumba shoes available. They come from a variety of brands, and come in an even wider variety of sizes, fits, and colors.

From this list, you will easily find the best Zumba shoes for you:

  1. Zumba Active Street Boss Fitness Sneakers
  2. Zumba Women’s Energy Boom High Top Sneakers (My Favorite)
  3. New Balance Women’s WX811v2 High Top Cross Trainer
  4. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe
  5. Adidas Performance Women’s Irana 2 Cross-Trainer

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What You Need To Know When Buying Zumba Shoes

There are many different styles of Zumba shoes out there, but the high cut or high top shoe is one of the most popular. 

They are both stylish and supportive – two things that are very important to Zumba enthusiasts.

Benefits of High Top Zumba Shoes:

  • Better ankle support for beginners or those with weak ankles or feet
  • Ankle straps provide even more stability
  • High top sneakers are often built for those with flat feet or low arches
  • Make great cross-trainers or basketball shoes too

Drawbacks to High Top Zumba Shoes:

  • Very popular style; can be hard to find them in your size
  • Zumba shoes are not suitable for other workouts or everyday use (though buying shoes from other brands may be better for wearing outside dance class)
  • Buying Zumba-brand shoes can be expensive
  • Style isn’t necessarily “cool” or trendy outside the dance hall

Best High Top Zumba Shoes – Top 5 Compared

#1 Great Value For The Money

These are inexpensive, and the design isn’t too flashy. 

The rubber soles allow for the right amount of floor grip, while the Z-slide technology provides enough slip to complete your sliding/turning motions with ease! 

Since they look a bit flat, I would suggest these if you need Zumba shoes for low arches.

The major issue with these shoes is that they lack an ankle strap. I’d love to see them add one for extra stability. 

They also fit a bit snug, so it’s a good idea to go up a half-size to account for their fit and any foot swelling.

Zumba Active Street Boss Fitness Sneakers

If you’re looking for a solid, basic high top Zumba shoe, this is a great option.

Check it on Amazon

Several color options Fit snug (go ½ size up)
Snug fit around ankle No ankle strap
Z-slide technology makes sliding easy Paint can peel easily

#2 My Favorite High Top Zumba Shoes

With the snug fit and ankle strap, these are some of the most supportive Zumba shoes around.

They come in both purple and yellow/black, which means they would make a great substitute for men’s Zumba shoes. 

These also look perfect for people who need zumba shoes for high arches.

The only issue I see with these shoes is that they’re insanely popular, which means it’ll be hard to find them in your size. They’re also a bit pricey for beginners.

Zumba Women’s Energy Boom High Top Sneakers

One of the most popular high top shoes for zumba. 

Check it on Amazon

Different designs available Not many sizes available
Ankle strap Pricey
Z-slide technology

#3 Multipurpose Pick

You don’t have to buy Zumba-brand shoes to get the ideal Zumba shoes. 

Their high top cross trainers would make the best New Balance Zumba shoes.

I’ve been a huge fan of New Balance running shoes for years, and with such a great fit, you could easily use these on the dance floor. 

They come in both regular and wide widths, which is great if you need a more personal fit (or if you’re looking for a men’s shoe).

The only issue you may have is that these are not traditional Zumba shoes with spin spots. They may be too sticky for turns/spins, but it’s something you could easily get used to.

I also wish they came in more colors than just black, but hey – they’ll get the job done!

New Balance Women’s WX811v2 High Top Cross Trainer

Check it on Amazon

Regular & Wide sizes available Only one color
Best Zumba shoes for wide feet No sliding pad
Simple design No ankle strap
Removable insole

#4 People’s Choice

Ryka also makes great running shoes, but they are mainly known for making some of the best shoes for Zumba and Jazz shoes. 

These cross-trainers are highly known in the dance community as a great shoe for training. 

I also love that they come in 3 stylish color combinations – you can easily find one (or a few) that are perfect for your style.

My only reservation about these shoes is that they’re not a traditional high cut Zumba shoe, and only support the lower ankle. 

However, if you are a seasoned dancer, or don’t need overly supportive Zumba shoes, these will be perfect for you!

RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

Great shoe for dancing, highly appreciated by the zumba community.

Check it on Amazon

3 stylish options available Not high enough support for some
Highly recommended for dancers Fit large (size down ½ size)
Pivot point improves slide/turn Foot strap is too low for ankle support

#5 Best For Flat Feet

If you’re like me, and have super low arches, I totally recommend these pair of Adidas.

These are a more minimalist Zumba shoe, and a great casual style for dancing or just heading out.

They are simple enough in color and design that they’ll match any outfit – especially those pretty pink ones

The only issues I find with these are that they happen to be a casual sneaker, rather than a sports shoe.

If you have weaker ankles, or you’re a beginner, I’d recommend a better-suited shoe. But for the rest of us – these are both beautiful and plenty of support!

Adidas Performance Women’s Irana 2 Cross-Trainer

Minimalist and casual shoes great for people with low arches.

Check it on Amazon


Different designs

May be uncomfortable after long session
Best Zumba shoes for flat feet No sliding technology; may stick during spins/turns
Casual design


What are the best shoes to wear when doing Zumba?

I would argue that high top dance sneakers or cross trainers are the best Zumba shoes, especially if you need extra support and cushioning. 

Try out any of these 5 styles, and watch your dancing improve immensely!

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