Best Character Dance Shoes

Trendy character shoes are deigned to help dancers, actors, and performers bring special characters to life during each performance. 

It is important to choose the best character shoes to wear for any of those dance performances. As what one dancer typically looks for from a great dance shoe, one should also consider comfort and protection when choosing the best shoe, especially when there is a wide range of selection available in the market today.

Character shoes usually come on a one to three-inch heels with a single strap or T-strap design. Mostly in black or tan color, these shoes are available in different online stores also.

If you consider collecting and investing on the best character dance shoes, always include your range of dancing style to insure protection and comfort from your chosen shoes.

There are several things to consider when choosing the best pair of shoes for character dancing. These are the materials used, the design, the color, and the heel size. 

Since many character dancers are looking for the best dance shoes they can wear, we reviewed all the available shoes and here is our recommendation.

Our Top 4 Character Dance Shoes

#1 Top Comfort

When it comes to dance shoes, Capezio has been very consistent in providing the best designs perfect for the individual sizes of men and women.

The Capezio Women’s 653 Manhattan Character Shoe is made from leather from top to bottom-leather upper, leather lining, and leather sole.

It features a classic Mary Jane silhouette of a single strap with an adjustable buckle to fit in.

Compatible with Tele Tone toe and Duo tone heel, the shoes will be perfect for any character dance performances.

The foam-cushioned insole provides comfort while the buffed leather sole is designed for strength.

TIP: The size fitting may run small to your foot and you may want to order a half-size or one size up to fit perfectly.

This 653 Manhattan shoe is very popular to women who do several hours of performances on stage.

We recommend this pair of shoes and we are sure that you will love the heels, the shape, and the comfort it provides. If you haven’t gotten one for your character dances, this is worth the try.

Capezio Women’s Manhattan Character Shoe

These shoes are highly comfy, as they can be used for hours without hurting the feet

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#2 Versatile Dance Shoes For Men

You will find this shoe with quality, full grain leather upper, scored leather sole, non-slip heel counter, moisture absorbent cotton sock lining and lining, and Tele Tone toe compatible taps.

It is best for any of your tap dances and character dance performances. It also is a perfect match up for your suit and costumes.

If you are searching and choosing for the right pair of shoes that will perfectly fit into your size and preference, we recommend that you get this pair and give it a try. You will feel the difference when you wear it and use it in your dance performances on stage or in your dance classes.

You will definitely love it for its style and comfort. It is a great pair for a good price.

Capezio Men’s 445 Oxford Character Shoe

This versatile model is every dancer’s shoe because it is ideal for any character dance and stage production.

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#3 Built To Last Dance Shoes

It is important to give an even more dramatic appearance to your movements when on stage by wearing the right pair of shoes that enhances the foot works while providing comfort and style.

This Adult 2” Heel Character Shoe, T3200 is popular to many character dancers.

It is made with genuine man-made leather. The sole is also made with leather which makes it durable.

It has a soft, breathable lining for comfortable long-hour dance performance.

The ankle strap and adjustable buckle are attached for better fit. The scoring on the ball of the shoe allows the feet to have controlled turning and stability.

If you are a performing dancer and you want to give a show based on excellent performance and stage presence, you will need the right pair of shoes. This pair of shoes is worth it all.

We recommend that you add this pair into your collection and you will never go wrong on dancing.

Theatricals Adult 2″ Heel Character Shoes T3200

The great features and the durable materials of this shoe will make your moves even more excellent.

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#4 Junior Dance Shoes Pick

Character dancers and performers should be in their best character when dancing, and that will only happen if they wear the right shoes.

Wearing the most comfortable dancing shoes is one important part of dancing, especially if the performance requires the dancers to be on stage for the entire program.

With the Capezio Women’s 550 Jr. Footlight Character Shoe, every dancer will be at his best.

This shoe is made from synthetic material, leather sole, moisture-absorbent brushed microfiber lining, padded insole, scored leather sole, non-slip heel, tap-compatible but not attached, and it features the traditional buckle closure for fitting adjustment.

NOTE: Size fitting runs small and you are advised to order from half-size to one size bigger than your street wear sizes.

The 1.5 inch heels may seem wide enough and is great for dancing on the feet balls without hurting them. You will definitely enjoy dancing with this pair of shoes on.

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight

Recommended to all types of character dancers, with comfortable design and style, and a good value to your money.

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